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Thursday, March 11, 2010 - 8:23am

Robins Air Force Base Hiring 500

Robins Air Force Base is looking to hire 500 people to fill jobs on base.
It’s the largest hiring push in a decade. Over the last 6 months the base has hired 750 people and now they’re looking for 500 more. Most of the jobs are in aircraft maintenance, but they’re looking for software engineers as well.
John Birdsong is with Robins. He says the maintenance jobs pay up to $22 an hour.
“Sheet metal, aircraft mechanics, those type people. Painting of course would come in handy because we do de-paint the aircraft and then re-paint them. So, those type experienced people would be a definite asset to Robins.”
He says there are also positions available for apprentices and technical college students working towards their degrees. The base employs 25-thousand people.