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Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - 10:30am

State Schools Chief Worries About Cuts

The announcement Monday that February revenues had declined nearly 10 percent adds more pain to school officials in Georgia as they struggle with budget shortfalls.

State Schools Superintendent Kathy Cox expects drastic cuts in the 2011 fiscal year could mean more teacher layoffs, school closures, longer school days and larger class sizes.

Cox doesn't support tax increases, but says education should be lawmakers' top priority, over other state agencies.

"You know what? If people have to wait longer in line to get a driver's license or they have to pay more for a driver's license, or we have to do other things... If we have to close some other state facilities that aren't things that are constitutionally required, those are the kinds of calls that are going to have to be made," she said.

Cox also said the legislature should consider using lottery money and user fees on hospitals to supplement the K-12 budget.

"My real concern is that this, hopefully, temporary setback in this revenue picture doesn't put us a decade behind if we turn the opposite way in student achievement," she said.