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Sunday, February 28, 2010 - 8:29pm

Regents Outlines More Budget Cuts

Today lawmakers will get a list from the Board of Regents outlining what the state's 35 universities and colleges will cut if their budget is reduced by a proposed half billion dollars next year.

Governor Perdue proposed higher education cuts at $ 265 million dollars for next year. But last week, a joint House and Senate Appropriations Committee asked Chancellor Errol Davis to try to cut another $300 million.

So the presidents of Georgia’s universities and colleges spent last week finding those proposed cuts.

Regents' spokesman John Millsaps says if lawmakers approve this level of reduction the result would be severe.

“Any cuts they make at this point are really going to hurt the institution’s mission," Millsaps says. "You could see programmatic cuts which would mean faculty layoffs.”

Millsaps says any decision on tuition increases to cover budget shortfalls won’t be made until after the state budget is finalized.