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Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 11:49am

Lawmakers Support Possible Tuition Increase For State Schools

Officials with the Board of Regents say they have already cut more than $300 million from the University System’s budget since 2008. Now state lawmakers are calling for more cuts totaling an estimated $380 million. One solution being considered is raising tuition.

But as enrollment across the state continues to rise the number of full-time professors continues to shrink.

Augusta State University freshman Jasmine Sigge says she has already seen a noticeable drop in the quality of education due to budget cuts. She says a hike in tuition would be difficult to take.

"A lot of my teachers have class, class, class and then they’ll just leave. They’ll just be off campus and you can never talk to them," said Sigge. "Classes be twice as big as usual. They cut it back more…I’m not coming up here. I’m going home, taking online classes and be done."

Any decision to raise tuition won’t be made until after lawmakers pass a budget for next year.

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