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Monday, February 22, 2010 - 11:41am

Education Agency Faces Deep Cuts

In his latest budget proposal Governor Perdue recommended $12 million in cuts for the Regional Education Service Agency. The agency provides professional learning support and training for teachers. The cuts mean RESA might have to reduce services or even close its doors.

Gene Sullivan is the director for the RESA branch in Augusta. He says the cuts would leave already struggling school systems to fund teacher training entirely on their own.

"They’re going to have to do those kinds of tasks and figure out ways to do it and they’ve been cut so badly that I’m not sure how they would make those things happen," said Sullivan. "So ultimately the quality of instruction throughout the state could be diminished as a result of that."

RESA joins other state programs that are facing cuts as the state is dealing with a $1.4 billion dollar shortfall this year.

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