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Wednesday, February 17, 2010 - 7:52am

Gen. Larry Platt Honored By Senate

The Georgia State Senate today issued a resolution honoring Larry Platt, the man who wrote the song "pants on the ground."

It was made famous when Platt appeared on American Idol last month. His performance of the song made Platt an internet sensation. The Georgia Senate honored him today for his work during the civil rights movement and continued political activism. The resolution was authored by Senator Vincent Fort.

"He is a man of great social conscience," Fort said. "And he wants a law passed against pants on the ground. I told him. 'Brother Platt, you have done more than any law could.'"

Fort said people are more likely to listen to a message given in the midst of entertainment, than a law passed by politicians.

Larry Platt then sang his famous song from the well as State Senators smiled politely. A few were swaying with the tune.

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