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Tuesday, February 16, 2010 - 11:09am

Gun Rights Bills Making Their Way Through The Legislature

Several gun rights bills are making their way through the state legislature. Tuesday, a bill allowing guns in cars at the Atlanta airport passed a committee.

The bill's sponsor, Republican David Shafer says it only applies to those who have a permit to carry a gun in the state of Georgia.

"It makes clear that you can pick someone up from the airport without having to toss your gun onto I-285 as you exit," said Shafer.
It is currently illegal to have guns on airport property.
Chair of the Senate Public Safety Committee, Republican Jack Murphy, favors the bill. He says gun permit holders would be able to drive with their weapons in their cars when they need to go on to the airport without being criminalized.

"It's just a no brainer to me. You drive up everyday with a gun in your vehicle and you're disobeying the law," said Murphy.

Atlanta Democrat Valencia Seay shot back. She says public safety supersedes gun rights when it comes to the world's busiest airport.

"The airport is very important to me because it does sit in Senate District 34. Recognizing your comment about it being a no brainer, it depends on who's brain it is," Seay said.

The bill also includes language that makes it easier to get and renew a gun permit in Georgia.

Another gun bill hit opposition this week from the state's universities. They oppose a measure that would allow guns on college campuses. All gun bills are still in committees.