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Monday, February 15, 2010 - 5:14am

Threat Of Snow Evaporates In Georgia

North Georgia is missing getting another dose of snow accumulation from a weather system moving through Monday.

Forecasters Sunday night originally predicted snowfall amounts of 1-3 inches for portions of far and extreme north Georgia, with possible accumulation extending through metro Atlanta and perhaps into middle Georgia.

But warmer temperatures overnight brought mainly rain to the north Georgia region. Some areas, like Rome, saw some flurries early today.

The revised forecast from the National Weather Service calls for light snow possible in extreme north Georgia, but no accumulation. However, icy patches are developing on some roadways. Temperatures are not expected to rise much above freezing today in north Georgia.

Rainfall in parts of middle and south Georgia was moving out as of 12 noon.

This weather system is different than the one that covered most of the state Friday, where multiple inches of snow were recorded.

North Georgia in that system got 1-3 inches, metro Atlanta had 4-5 inches on average, and other areas of the state -- parts of middle and south Georgia -- got 3-5 inches.

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