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Thursday, February 11, 2010 - 5:20am

Snow Likely

The National Weather Service says it's not a matter of if we will get snow, but how much. A low pressure system developing over the Gulf of Mexico could bring in as much as three inches in some places. The further north you go the less snow is expected. Snow should start falling in South Georgia after midnight.
Steven Nelson is a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Peachtree City. He says it's about temperature and timing.
"If they get the right combination of temperatures below freezing and that heavier precipitation, we could see as much as 2-3 inches in that area say from Columbus to Americus to even the Macon area is possible."
Nelson expects additional advisories to be issued into the overnight hours. He says this cold, wet weather is typical of an El Nino pattern which we've been experiencing since the late summer.