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Monday, February 8, 2010 - 4:43am

Lewis Blames State Leadership For Little High Speed Rail Money

Georgia U.S. Representative John Lewis says the state was left behind in getting stimulus money for high speed rail. Lewis blames a lack of leadership in the state.

Georgia recently received $750,000 in stimulus dollars for feasibility studies. At the same time, neighboring North Carolina got a half billion dollars to build-out its rail line. And Florida banked $1.25 billion for a new high speed train that could create 23,000 jobs.

Democratic Congressman Lewis told WSB-TV in Atlanta that Georgia's Republican leadership was not ready with projects to get more rail money. Governor Sonny Perdue's spokesman shot back, saying the governor supports high speed rail and blames Lewis for not using his influence in Washington to get more money into Georgia.

Georgia's transportation commissioner says it's not clear when and if Georgia will ever get a high speed rail line.