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Monday, February 8, 2010 - 2:23pm

Furloughs Likely for UPS Pilots

Several hundred pilots for the United Parcel Service face being furloughed as cost-saving talks break down between the company and the pilots’ union.

Atlanta-based UPS and the Independent Pilots Association successfully avoided pilot furloughs last year after identifying other cost-saving measures.

To avoid furloughs and layoffs, pilots took leaves of absences, cut some pay guarantees, and gave back sick time.

But so far this year the economy is not going well and neither are subsequent cost-saving negotiations.

The world’s largest package delivery company says the first phase of furloughs would start in May, with 170 pilots receiving notices.

In all, 300 could face unpaid days off.

Talks are continuing as both sides work to avoid the furloughs.

Last month, UPS announced plans to eliminate 18-hundred management and administrative positions across the country.

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