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Thursday, February 4, 2010 - 11:34am

House Education Committee Reviews School Board Policy

The House education committee discussed a bill, today, that would give the state more control over school boards. The bill would allow a state takeover of a school board if it lost SACCS accreditation.

The bill originated after Governor Sonny Perdue realized he had no power over the troubled school board in Clayton county two years ago. The measure now before the house would establish minimum qualifications for members of local school boards in Georgia.

The bill would create ethics standards and, in the worst cases, allow the state to take school boards.

That last provision troubles Chatham County school board member Lori Brady who says it would give the governor too much power.

"To allow an elected official to remove another elected official is absurd and I believe unconstitutional," said Brady.

The house education committee deferred the bill to next week as it is considering changes.

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