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Sunday, January 31, 2010 - 4:58pm

On-line Help For High School Students

High school students will be able to practice for graduation tests in Social Studies and Science on-line. The Georgia Department of Education is offering free on-line remediation courses to students who have failed the tests or never taken them.

All Georgia high school students are required to pass tests in Social Studies, Science, English and Math in order to graduate. But Science and Socials Studies are the tests students fail the most. More than 10 percent of students don’t pass them on the first try.

State Superintendent Kathy Cox says the material helped thousands of students pass last year when teachers taught it at some schools during the summer, and this is a cheaper way to reach all students.

"Local school systems are making tough decisions about what they can keep and continue to do," says Cox. "If they only have ten students who need help with the science, they may not be able to afford a teacher. This way there’s no expense."

Registration opens February 1st.


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