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Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - 3:39pm

Schools Making 'Heart-wrenching' Cuts

In the face of ailing state revenue, school systems across the state are adjusting their budgets again to get through the remainder of the school year.

In middle Georgia, Marcus Clements says "it's heart-wrenching" for he and his fellow Laurens County school board members to make the tough cuts they've had to make to the school system's budget.

For Laurens County and other school systems around the state, this all comes in the wake of Governor Sonny Perdue’s call for deeper cuts to Georgia's education budget.

The Laurens school board voted to shave five days off the end of its school calendar in May. That will include another three teacher furlough days.

Total savings—more than $200,000, but that’s just for this school year.

Clements says he has a wary eye on state lawmakers this legislative session to see what might lie ahead for schools in the next fiscal year.

"We’re really looking for the Legislature hopefully to have some idea what not to do with what the Governor’s proposing. There’s been no good news out of Atlanta for the last 18 months."

Elsewhere, in middle Georgia’s Bibb County, teachers there are getting another four furlough days to save at least $2 million.

And a recent Carroll County schools survey shows nearly 60 percent would support going to a four-day week.

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