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Friday, January 22, 2010 - 10:41am

Four Day School Week Gaining Steam

Officials from Georgia's first school system to embrace the four day week say it's working, and from what they're hearing other systems may soon follow suit.
Middle Georgia's Peach County was the first school system in the state to adopt a four day week. School days are longer because classes are not held on Monday's. Officials say they're getting up to three calls a day from other systems to see how it's going.
Jim O'Shields is with Peach County Schools. He says they will save about 900-thousand dollars on utilities and transportation. But savings in one area were a surprise.
"One of the really amazing things that we've been really proud of is we've saved 130-thousand on substitute teaching."
O'Shields says kids are behaving better as well. Disciplinary hearings are down by 50-percent.

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