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Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 12:23pm

Developers Reconsidering Jekyll Island

Hoteliers and contractors wanting in on potential bids for Jekyll Island redevelopment got a chance to size up the job Wednesday.

About seventy hotel and building firms are attending a two-day meeting to find out exactly what the state-run Jekyll Island Authority wants now that its main development partner is out of the picture.

A major island revitalization plan was jeopardized last month when the J.I.A. and Linger Longer parted ways.

J.I.A. spokesman Eric Garvey says, officials are pleased with the response to this week's meeting.

"What it represents is a shovel-ready project that doesn't have a lot of risk to it," Garvey says. "I think that's what's caused a lot of interest in this."

Whoever is chosen to build on Jekyll Island will have a tight deadline.

"The ideal scenario for us is someone who has access to available capital and can move forward quickly because, as you know, our project is already underway," Garvey says.

Island officials want new construction finished at the popular beach destination before a new convention center opens early in 2012.