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Friday, January 15, 2010 - 9:22am

Savannah Church Helping in Haiti

Members of a Savannah church are trying to get home from Haiti, but not before helping a lot of injured people.

More than a dozen members of Grace Church of the Islands were on a mission trip to Haiti when the earthquake hit. The group, including two doctors, was giving routine medical care at a small clinic twenty miles from Port-au-Prince.

The Savannah volunteers were not hurt in the quake and began treating the injured according to the church's pastor, Brannon Bowman.

"They have been splinting legs, trying to do it with palm fronds. They've run out of medical supplies so they've been trying to improvise."

Bowman says members of the church traveled to the U.S. embassy Friday where they will wait until they can get a flight home.

To see more pictures, click here. (Warning: The images may not be suitable for all audiences.)

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