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Tuesday, January 12, 2010 - 1:08pm

Rapping War Resistor Jailed At Ft. Stewart

The U.S. Army has jailed a Ft. Stewart soldier who recorded a rap song that blasts the Army for its so-called "stop loss" policy and describes a shooting spree.

Spc. Marc Hall was angry about being ordered back to Iraq after he was scheduled to leave the military as a result of the government’s "stop loss" policy.

He recorded a song about it and posted it online.

His lawyers say, the song is a fantasy. But the Army says, it's a threat.

Ft. Stewart spokesman Kevin Larson says, the Army has to take all threats seriously.

"It's easy to see that it's the chain of command and fellow soldiers that are being threatened by this song," says Larson.

Hall has been charged with five criminal counts under military law.

Commanders haven't yet decided whether to seek a general court-martial or handle his case in a lower military court, where possible punishments are less severe.