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Thursday, January 7, 2010 - 5:27am

Ice Keeps Shutting Down I-75 in Atlanta

The cold weather keeps shutting down a major interstate in Atlanta that hundreds of thousands of people drive daily.

Though it's been blue skies in the city, ice keeps forming on I-75 a main artery through downtown Atlanta.

State transportation officials suspect it’s drainage issues from all the rain this fall and winter that’s saturated the ground. Mark McKinnon is with the Georgia Department of Transportation.

“That happens to be the lowest spot on downtown connector," says McKinnon, "so we really think it’s just groundwater that’s being pushed up through the joints and it’s freezing once it gets on top of the surface.”

It took some time for the DOT to figure it out. The ice started forming Sunday. It created seven miles of north bound traffic during rush hour Monday and Wednesday it shut down the interstate for ten minutes while a road crew did a little more digging to determine where the water was coming from.

Until the DOT comes up with a better solution, they’re treating it with rock salt every couple hours.

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