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Wednesday, January 6, 2010 - 1:48pm

Savannah Pot-Marked By Unhealthy Food

A new report shows Savannah pot-marked with areas rich in fast-food choices but lacking places to buy fruits and vegetables.

The report analyzed block-by-block how far Savannahians are from stores selling healthy food, like produce, and how far they are from stores selling unhealthy food, like fast-food and most corner stores.

Upper, middle and lower-income neighboorhoods all had pockets of poor access to healthy food.

Catherine Martin of the city's Healthy Savannah initiative says, the goal is reduce the effects of obesity.

"We want to have the healthy choice the easy choice so all of us can make better decisions as we grow and live and work and play in Savannah," Martin says.

The report says, Savannah could promote healthy food availability by easing zoning ordinances, identifying tax breaks and expanding farmer's markets

Lizann Roberts of Healthy Savannah says, people can't choose healthy foods if they don't have access to them.

"Making the healthy choice the easy choice is building an infrastructure that helps produce good health," Roberts says.

The report says, corner stores are a prime area to start improving access to healthy food.

It says, getting them to sell produce along with alcohol and cigarettes could be as easy as a tax incentive.

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