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Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - 10:03am

Private School Enrollment Steady In Economy

Despite the recession, private schools across the state appear to be holding steady with their enrollment.

Cutbacks on luxury or unnecessary expenses may be a general rule in the down economy. But it doesn't seem to be applying to parents paying private school tuition for their kids.

Jeff Jackson with the Georgia Independent School Association says that’s a trend that looks to be the case not just in Georgia, but on average across the nation.

Jackson says school administrators tell him parents are using all avenues to keep their children enrolled:

"They’re looking at their own budget. They’re saying ‘this is a priority in our family, if we have to slide an expenditure back to make sure this happens. Our commitment to the decision to enroll our child in an independent school hasn’t changed’”.

Jackson says almost all private schools have seen a jump in requests for financial aid. To that end, he says schools are doing what they can to hold down costs, and help to get more aid to more people to keep children enrolled.

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