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Saturday, December 26, 2009 - 5:26am

Public Comment on Cumberland Island Sought

Managers at Cumberland Island National Seashore are getting an overwhelmingly negative response in their latest request for public comments.

The National Park Service wants to figure out what to do with five-properties set to come into the National Seashore next year.

They asked for public comments and so far have received 20-responses, most of which excoriate park managers for their handling of the park. Some responses were laced with insults, calling managers "lying cowards" who have "screwed over" visitors.

Cumberland Island park manager Fred Boyles says, people are passionate about the park. "We hate to hear folks say anything negative about us," says Boyles. "I would add that if we were in school, the grade we would receive from our visitors would be an A-plus."

Ninety-five percent of visitors give the park high marks.

The public comment period on what to do with the five-new park properties will continue through next week