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Wednesday, December 23, 2009 - 8:49am

Labor Officials Set Jobs Summit

Down is the number of Georgia counties with an unemployment rate of 10-percent or more -- compared to the previous month. The state’s Department of Labor says 94 Georgia counties had a double-digit jobless rate in November—that’s down by 7. However, it remains the worst in Hancock County, where residents there are dealing with unemployment at 22-percent.

State labor officials have now set January 18th on the Georgia Tech campus as the date for a comprehensive jobs summit.

"Georgia’s job market is struggling to regain its footing,” said State Labor Commissioner Michael Thurmond. “This bipartisan gathering will bring together Georgia’s best minds to develop a comprehensive, state-level strategy that will help spur economic growth and job creation.”

Thurmond says bringing together federal, state, and local officials and leaders is key in developing a job creation action plan.

"We have to work together at all these various levels of government to do everything we can to incentivize and spur the creation of private sector jobs."

Thurmond says with nearly half-a-million Georgians out of work, a focus needs to be put on small and medium-sized businesses to stimulate hiring.

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