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Friday, December 18, 2009 - 10:33am

Too Many Taxis in Savannah?

Savannah taxi drivers say, 270 cabs on the road is too many for a city of 132,000 people.

They say they can't make a good living and want City Council to limit the number of cabbies in Savannah.

But their idea isn't going down well with members of the council.

It's the council that regulates taxis in this coastal tourism town, including how much they charge.

But right now, there's no limit on how many cabs can be on the road.

That's led to what many drivers describe as a taxi glut.

Their spokeswoman, former State Senator Regina Thomas, is calling on the council to vote on a proposed ordinance.

"With so many taxis on the street and with the drivers not making any money, we need to have a moratorium so that no other taxis can come in," Thomas says.

Some council members, though, say a moratorium would be anti-competitive.

Mayor Otis Johnson has said the idea represents a monopoly.

Drivers vow to press their case until council votes on the proposed ordinance.