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Tuesday, December 8, 2009 - 9:50am

New Bill Targets Weapons Policy in Public Schools

A new bill targets the state’s zero tolerance law on weapons in public schools. One lawmaker says the current law is being abused.

Democratic Senator Emmanuel Jones wants to prevent kids from getting locked up for such things as accidentally bringing a fishing knife to school.

His proposal would give schools the power to determine what’s worthy of getting the police and courts involved.

Current law makes schools report any offense to the police no matter how minor.

Jones says, zero tolerance is being abused. “Too many kids in Georgia are being trapped in the system that is punishing them for minor infractions.”

His case in point: one Morgan County eighth grader was arrested in October and placed in a detention center after he turned in a fishing knife he mistakenly brought to school.

The new bill would also make it mandatory for kids to get a hearing before they’re locked up.

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