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Friday, December 4, 2009 - 10:52am

Bibb School Superintendent Investigated

A state agency is looking into allegations of misconduct against the Superintendent of the Bibb County School system in Macon.

Sharon Patterson is being investigated by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. The request for the inquiry came from two members of the Bibb County School Board.

Gary Bechtel and Lynn farmer claimed Patterson failed to report misconduct by two principals, then did not share information about the incidents with the Board.

One principal was accused of mistreating a student.

The superintendent says she did report the incident but could not remember when.

The second principal was accused of having an intimate relationship with an employee he supervised. Patterson says she was not required to report that.

Both principals have since resigned. The investigation could take up to ninety days.

If the state finds against Patterson she could face sanctions including possible suspension or revocation of her certification.