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Monday, November 30, 2009 - 4:46am

Atlanta Mayor Hopefuls Spar One Final Time

The election of a new mayor in Atlanta is one of the spotlight races in Georgia as runoff election day approaches Tuesday.

Atlanta mayoral candidate Kasim Reed says his opponent is using tax money to make a personal profit. That charge against Mary Norwood during Sunday night’s mayoral debate led to intense disagreement between the candidates.

Norwood, an Atlanta councilwoman, owns a robo-call company the city has used to call residents. During the WSB-TV sponsored debate, former State Senator Reed asked his opponent to disclose how much money she personally made from those dealings. He spoke to GPB afterward on the topic:

"Any other elected official, engaged in that type of behavior, in that type of self-dealing...there would be much more attention focused on it than the attention Ms. Norwood has been receiving".

During the debate, Norwood countered that Reed himself had used her robo-call company and that her contract with the city was legitimate and legal. After the debate, Norwood told GPB she started the company as a quote "public service". She said the company barely breaks even and she doesn’t make any money off the company.