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Tuesday, November 3, 2009 - 11:44am

Hall County May Lay Off Teachers; Change Students' Schedules

Hall County is proposing to change its students' schedule in order to lay off teachers and save money. The proposal before Hall County's school board is whether to change students' class schedules so teachers spend less of their day in planning periods.

This would allow the school system to lay off up to six teachers at each of the district's seven high schools, thereby saving up to $3 million, according to William Schofield, superintendent of Hall County schools. He says that such a move is necessary because of budget cuts to education and the slow turnaround in the economy.

Hall County school system isn’t alone in dealing with budget shortfalls. Around the state, schools have laid off teachers, increased class sizes and shortened the school year to try and save money.

Meanwhile, State Superintendent Kathy Cox has told school districts to expect more cuts to education in the coming months.

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