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Tuesday, October 27, 2009 - 8:32am

AARP Sues Over Natural Gas Surcharge

The AARP is suing the Public Service Commission and Atlanta Gas Light over a gas surcharge for over a million natural gas customers in the state.

The AARP wants the Fulton County Superior Court to make the PSC reexamine the surcharge’s costs that will pay for pipeline expansion around Atlanta.

AARP’s state director Will Phillips says the surcharge is vague and unfair to customers. He says they weren’t able to scrutinize the costs during the approval process.

“By not being able to get answers to our questions, you have to take AGL at its word. This is a process where we’re looking at raising rates for 13 years down the road and to essentially rubber stamp rate increases doesn’t make a lot of sense to us.”

Starting this month, AGL customers will pay 39 cents more on their gas bills.

The surcharge will go up steadily over the next two years and then remain at over a dollar until 2022.

Both the PSC and AGL say they’re reviewing the case and refraining comment.

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