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Monday, October 26, 2009 - 9:47am

Georgia On Pace For Wetter, Cooler Winter

Georgia’s coming winter season is likely to be wetter and cooler than normal. And that will keep the risk of flooding in the state higher than normal through the coming months.

State climatologist David Stooksbury says it’s all to do with an El Nino pattern currently in effect within the ocean’s atmosphere. He says that keeps the chances for precipitation higher. However, following an El Nino winter, it would be typical to experience a drier than normal spring.

The exception to Stooksbury’s prediction for more rain is the north Georgia region. He says that part of the state is already in transition to drier than normal conditions.

Concerning temperatures, Stooksbury says weather patterns indicate more cloudy days for Georgia during the winter. During the daylight hours, that would keep readings cooler than normal. But those same cloudy conditions at night would produce slightly warmer temperatures during that time.

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