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Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 8:21am

Group Launches Meth Fight

Georgia has one of the worst meth-amphetamine problems in the United States. That's according to the meth project, a non-profit group which is rolling out a massive media campaign here.

The ads are graphic. Healthy teens are juxtaposed with images of them strung out on meth, their eyes black from abuse, their skin covered with scabs.

It warns teens not to try meth.

The Georgia Meth Project hopes they'll have an impact on Georgia's meth abuse which ranks 3rd highest in the country. The group is trying to raise more than $5 million for the ad campaign.

Executive director Jim Langford says that meth is expensive to the state, and Georgia spends about $1.3 billion a year on the problem.

"Costs are very high and they go from everything from these drug courts and costs to incarcerations, foster care, health care, loss of time in the work force on and on and on."

Langford says in some areas of north and south Georgia, up to 90 percent of kids in foster care are there because of their parents' meth abuse.

Historically, meth is more prevalent in rural and lower income communities, but Langford says the drug is moving more into suburban and metropolitan areas.


Associated Press