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Thursday, October 1, 2009 - 6:57am

Dalton Second-Grader Dies Of Swine Flu

A northwest Georgia second-grader has died from the swine flu virus. It comes as the state is only days away from receiving the initial shipments of vaccine.

Northwest Georgia health district officials say the seven-year-old girl died Wednesday morning after being hospitalized since last week. They say the girl had no known underlying medical conditions.

At least 14 Georgians have died from the swine flu virus since April. This is believed to be the first death in Whitfield County.

In only days, U.S. health officials will be sending the first shipments of H1N1 vaccine around the country. The number of doses each state gets is undetermined right now.

And given the publicity surrounding the virus, Jennifer Moorer with the northwest Georgia health district says it’s hard to figure what kind of rush on clinics they’ll see for the vaccine:

"We’re not real sure about that…we’re certainly doing everything we can to educate the public about the vaccine and the importance of getting it. I guess we won’t really know what kind of reaction we’ll get until the vaccine is available".

It’s expected the nasal spray will be the most widely distributed version of the vaccine initially. But, officials say, certain groups of people--like very young children and pregnant women--should wait for the injectible version.


Associated Press

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