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Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - 11:12am

State Sued Over Charter School Money

Three school districts have now sued the state over funding for charter schools.

Education officials of Bulloch and Candler County School districts near the coast say it's unconstitutional for the state to withhold over $350 thousand from them and give it to a charter school they didn't approve.

Lewis Holloway is superintendent of Bulloch County Schools.

"When the charter school starts taking money away from our students, when our school district does as good a job or better job than what they're doing or providing, we just don't believe that's ethical."

A new state law established a charter school commission with the power to allocate state money directly to charter schools.

The commission's head Ben Scafidi says those charter schools don't get local money, so it's a way to offset that imbalance.

"Those parents have chosen to put their child in a school they think is better, and the tax money follows the family to the new school and they're suing to stop that."

The Gwinnett County School district filed a similar lawsuit this summer.