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Sunday, September 27, 2009 - 7:03am

State Officials Nearly Double Flood Damage Estimate

Flash floods in Northwest Georgia washed out roads, bridges and houses.

Now, state officials have nearly doubled the estimated cost to recover from the disaster.

Georgia’s state insurance commissioner John Oxendine says the flood will cost a half-billion dollars after assessing more damages in Northwest Georgia. Yet with many building structures and roads not counted yet in that estimate, that price tag is likely to rise.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama has declared 17 Georgia counties federal disaster areas.

That means residents in these counties can apply for federal assistance.

Nine of the worst-hit counties also qualify for federal aid to repair damaged infrastructure. Such assistance usually requires states to match government funds, which could prove difficult for Georgia because of a severe budget shortfall.

State legislative leaders say they are committed to finding that revenue to help aid in the recovery.

In the past seven days, at least ten people have died from the floods.

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