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Monday, September 21, 2009 - 10:04am

Parts of Crawford County Without Water

Flooding is causing problems all across Georgia.

In Middle Georgia's Crawford County many residents are still without water after record rains caused a pipe to rupture.

Officials say it will be at least Wednesday until water service will be restored in parts of Crawford County. Engineers have inspected the pipe and crews are trying to fix it.

For now the county is working with the Crawford County Fire Department to supply the 150 affected residents with drinking water. County Manager Pat Kelly says the creek is receding.

"Friday when I was down here at the bridge it wasn't but two to 3 feet from the top of the bridge and now it's probably 10 or 12 feet below the bridge. I haven't seen anything like it since the Flood of '94. It was just a large volume of water coming through here."

Emergency officials all across Middle Georgia are keeping a close eye on the area's rivers as well.

The Ocmulgee River is not expected to crest until Wednesday night following nearly a foot of rain in some parts of North Georgia and Atlanta.

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