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Thursday, August 27, 2009 - 3:22pm

Savannah Hosts Environmentalists

Water issues are dominating a three-day conference on Georgia environmental issues being held in Savannah.

The Georgia Environmental Conference is one of the state's largest environmental education meetings. It's sponsored by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and is in its fourth year. It's possible to go to just about every session and hear about nothing but water.

Among the conference's 500 attendees, Mark Brown says, he has one solution for Georgia's water woes: catch rain water. "These systems are being installed in schools, in fire stations, in hospitals," Brown says. "And in other parts of the world, these systems are mandated."

Of course, Brown sells rainwater catchment systems.

The conference encourages for-profit, non-profit and government officials to mingle in a ties-off atmosphere on the Savannah waterfront. Conserve Georgia also is using the event to launch a new website aimed at conservation.