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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 10:22am

Scott Charges Health Care Debate Full of Racism

Updated: 8 years ago.
Congressman David Scott has received faxes with racial slurs since the start of health care debate. (photo courtesy Congressman Scott's office)

Congressman David Scott of Georgia says racism has taken over the debate surrounding health care.

As a Democrat Scott had to confront people angry over possible changes to health care at a town hall meeting. Scott is also African American and his office has received faxes with racial slurs which he’s turned over to the FBI.

And this week a swastika was spray painted over his name at his suburban Atlanta district office. Scott blames conservative talk radio for injecting race into the health care debate.

"When you look at Rush Limbaugh saying 'hey we want Obama to fail' what do you think it means to them," Scott asks.

He charges that Limbaugh and the Republican opposition are using the American people.

"And they're pricking their conscience with their racism," he says. "That's so much there with us and they know how to do it."

Scott says in his 7 years in Congress he’s never gotten this high a level of racial threats.

And for the White House response to the situation...White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says no issue being debated should be compared to the Holocaust. He called the spray painting of Nazi graffiti on Scott’s office “ridiculous,” and a sign that the national debate over Obama’s health care plan has gotten quote “completely out of hand.”


To view the faxes sent to Congressman Scott, click here.