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Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - 12:28pm

Chambliss Hosts Healthcare Town Hall

Senator Saxby Chambliss brought his message on healthcare reform to Macon on Wednesday.

This was a decidedly friendly crowd of local business leaders. The event was by invitation only and gave the senator a chance to weigh in on the whole debate.

Unlike other “town hall” style meetings there was no shouting or booing. Chambliss told the group he opposes a government option, but admires President Barack Obama for his willingness to expend political capital to get something done. He says recent events prove people are passionate about the issue.

“I hope what we can do is continue down the road as the folks here in Macon did today and be very respectful of one another irrespective of what opinion you have regarding the healthcare issue.”

Chambliss says he opposes putting time limits on when the final bill should be on the president’s desk, but says he agrees with the president that something needs to be done to change the current system.