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Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - 11:52am

Macon Lawmakers Agree on Funding for Halls of Fame

After months of disagreement Macon's legislative delegation has agreed to speak as one voice in an effort to save the Georgia Sports and Music halls of Fame.

It's a sight you don't often see in Macon. Local State Lawmakers, sharing the same stage and agreeing. But the group has come together in an effort to keep the Halls of Fame from closing their doors.

The state recently threatened to quit funding the facilities if the city did not help pay for them. The city proposed increasing the hotel-motel tax. That change would have to be voted on by the State Legislature.

But, the Macon delegation could not agree on how to divide the money. Macon Representative Allen Peake says that has changed.

"We as a delegation are committed to moving forward local legislation to increase the hotel-motel tax by one penny, with the proceeds, which are expected to be around 400-thousand dollars annually, to be split three ways among the Sports Hall of Fame, the Music Hall of Fame and the Douglass Theater."

Lawmakers say they expect the measure to pass during the next legislative session and take effect immediately.