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Monday, August 3, 2009 - 3:47am

State Revenue Department Works Through Tax Return Back Log

The state's revenue department continues to play catch-up in mailing refunds to Georgians due money from their tax returns.

More than 65,000 refunds on average have been mailed weekly over the past month. This, as revenue officials continue to whittle-down a backlog of over 450,000 state tax refunds from early June.

The department reports another 73,000 or so refunds remain to be processed for Georgians who got their tax returns in by the April 15th filing deadline.

The 73,000 number is important, as it represents the remaining taxpayers who should expect to receive interest from the state. Taxpayers who filed on-time, but did not get their refund within 90 days, by law are due 1% interest per month.

Georgia's revenue department, like other state agencies, was hit with staff reductions in the budget crunch. It resulted in the cutback of more than 150 processing positions, which helped to build the initial backlog of refund returns.

Georgians owed interest will be mailed in separate checks within 60 days.

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