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Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 12:49pm

Georgians are Not 'Water Hogs'

Officials say water consumption in North Georgia went up only slightly since the end of the drought.

The 55 counties hardest hit by water restrictions used only 1.8 percent more water in June than they did a year earlier at the height of the drought. And looking at a two year trend overall water use was down 18 percent over June of 2007.

Officials say the drought has forced cities to fix leaky pipes and homeowner to view water as a finite resource. Environmental protection division chief Carol Couch says the numbers proof that Georgians are not wasting water.

“And it has the coincidental benefit of dismissing some of the perceptions that are out there and promoted by our neighboring states that we’re water hogs over here.”

Couch says the data could come in handy in possible tri-state water negotiations. She says her office will continue to promote conservation and push legislation next year that will aid in that effort.

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