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Laboring To Grow Telehealth in Georgia Mon., October 12, 2015 11:26am (EDT)

Telehealth is booming in Georgia. But even with all the advances, the spread of technology for patients who are poor or older or housebound is slow. Outdated connectivity issues and the Medicare health payment system are obstacles.

Minor League Baseball Takes A Baby Step in Macon

A study to figure out whether Macon is ready to support a minor league baseball team gets approved by the Macon-Bibb Commission. But the effort has a long way to go.

Middle Ga. State Senator To Retire

Lawmaker Ross Tolleson says he will retire from the state senate after being diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

Bibb Schools Chief Reacts To A Troubled Charter School

How will Bibb County Schools deal with a charter school that's in jeopardy of being closed? We talked with Bibb School Superintendent Curtis Jones to find out more about the reaction to the troubled Macon Charter Academy.

Mars Is Having The Best Week Ever: A GPB Sci-Tech Q&A

On Friday, the new movie The Martian opens in theaters, and it’s already generating some positive buzz for its depiction of a near-future NASA rescue mission to the red planet.

Have You Heard

(This story also appears on Medium.) As GPB takes a look at transportation throughout Georgia, we’re not just interested in what moves you (that is, #WhatMovesYouGA); we’re also looking at what...

Mapping a Carless Life

(This story also appears on Medium.) There’s nothing like car troubles to make you think about the other transportation options available to you. To pull back the curtain on my life a bit, for...

GPB-Augusta partners with Georgia Regents University Department of Music to launch "The Classical Music Concert Series"

Music is major on the campus of Georgia Regents University (soon to be Augusta University)! Take a quick glance at the calendars for the venues on campus and you’ll find a menagerie of melodies...