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Week-Long Festival 'Elevates' Atlanta Neighborhoods, Culture and Conversations

The 2019 ELEVATE Atlanta Art and Culture Festival began Monday. The annual event is hosted by the City of Atlanta Mayor's Office of Cultural Affairs,...
October 15, 2019

Special Edition Of Political Rewind: Our Polarized Politics, How Did We Get Here?

Today on Political Rewind , Republicans have called the impeachment investigation of President Trump a Democratic witch hunt. Two decades ago, Democ...
October 15, 2019

Pat Mitchell On 'Becoming A Dangerous Woman' — And The Importance Telling Their Stories

Pat Mitchell has been at the forefront of three media revolutions. She was among the first women reporters and anchors for national television news, ...
October 15, 2019

Georgia Southern Faculty, Students Address Book Burning

Georgia Southern University faculty are holding events on censorship and free speech this week following a book burning by students. Author Jennine C...
October 15, 2019