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Day 28 - Tuesday, February 25, 2014

GPB News - Politics

State Plans MLK Tribute At Stone Mountain

Officials in Georgia say they're seeking to create a replica of the Liberty Bell atop Stone Mountain near Atlanta to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Gun Debate Divides Nation's Police Officers, Too

After the mass shooting in Roseburg, Ore., last week, the national media gave a lot of attention to the fact that the local sheriff, John Hanlin, is an ardent supporter of gun rights. What wasn't widely reported was how common views like Hanlin's have become in law enforcement.

Minor League Baseball Takes A Baby Step in Macon

A study to figure out whether Macon is ready to support a minor league baseball team gets approved by the Macon-Bibb Commission. But the effort has a long way to go.

Middle Ga. State Senator To Retire

Lawmaker Ross Tolleson says he will retire from the state senate after being diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer's disease.

What Life Would Be Like if Jimmy Carter Won a Second Term

The Takeaway imagines what the world would have been like if America woke up on November 5, 1980, to a second term Carter presidency.
7:00PReagan Presidency
8:00PMary Tyler Moore: A Celebration
9:00PSecrets Of The Dead

The Real Trojan Horse


My Brother's Bomber, Part 3