Day 11 – Tuesday, January 28, 2014

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Will January Snows Affect November Votes?Will January Snows Affect November Votes?

It would appear two inches of snow can cripple traffic in metro Atlanta. It can force people to abandon their cars and start walking. It waylays children and teachers at schools and keeps workers shut in at the state Capitol. And it can cause even the mightiest of Governors to admit maybe the state wasn’t prepared.

Morality And Medicaid Take Center Stage At The CapitolMorality And Medicaid Take Center Stage At The Capitol

Sen. Vincent Fort hinted that his arrest Monday for occupying Governor Nathan Deal’s office wouldn’t be the last clash in his efforts to convince Georgia’s top official to expand Medicaid.

Capitol Sit-In Over Medicaid Expansion Leads To ArrestsCapitol Sit-In Over Medicaid Expansion Leads To Arrests

State Sen. Vincent Fort (D-Atlanta) and nine other Moral Monday Georgia supporters were arrested inside Gov. Nathan Deal’s office Monday after refusing repeated police orders to leave. The demonstrators wanted Deal to accept their letter urging him to expand the state’s Medicaid program, as called for under the 2010 federal health reform law.

Medical Marijuana, Medicaid Protest Animate CapitolMedical Marijuana, Medicaid Protest Animate Capitol

Medical news appears to be at the forefront of Georgia’s 2014 Legislative session. On Monday alone, protesters staged an event outside of Gov.

Craft Brewers: Proposed Regulatory Reforms Don't Go Far EnoughCraft Brewers: Proposed Regulatory Reforms Don't Go Far Enough

Georgia craft brewers say regulatory reforms put forward by a state Senate committee don’t go nearly far enough.


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