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Privatizing Foster Care Gets Fresh SupportPrivatizing Foster Care Gets Fresh Support

Do you remember Monday when we told you that the 2014 Georgia General Assembly session was off to a quick start? Here's the good news: we weren't lying. But that's also the bad news (at least, if you're trying to keep on top of things).

Republican Infighting Marks First Day Of SessionRepublican Infighting Marks First Day Of Session

The state's 2014 Georgia legislative session is here. That is to say, politicking came alive at the state Capitol Monday. Lawmakers, lobbyists, citizen activists, troublemakers - the usual crowd - were there.

Macon-Bibb Legislative Delegation Looks To Reform School BoardMacon-Bibb Legislative Delegation Looks To Reform School Board

As Georgia lawmakers prepare for their annual 40-day session in Atlanta, they may aim to finish quickly, keep the to-do list modest and return to work on their election campaigns. Or they may seek to do deeds worthy of stump speeches -- on teacher pay, gun laws, the power structure in Macon-Bibb County and even the U.S. Constitution.

State Lawmakers Want A Shorter Session, But Have A Lot On Their Plates State Lawmakers Want A Shorter Session, But Have A Lot On Their Plates

Don’t blink. Because you might just miss Georgia’s 2014 legislative session. Lawmakers return to the state Capitol today. And everyone from Gov. Nathan Deal down to the cleaning crew who keep the Capitol looking spiffy say it will be a short legislative session.

GOP Backs Spending More On SchoolsGOP Backs Spending More On Schools

At an educational conference Friday, Republican state lawmakers said Georgia needs to spend more on education. And while they say they can’t restore $1 billion in education cuts that piled up during the Recession, they say the time for austerity is over. The comments came days before the legislative session begins Monday.


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