Day 39 – Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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Georgia Legislature Passes BillsGeorgia Legislature Passes Bills

One the second to last day of the 2013 Georgia General Assembly Tuesday, lawmakers finished work on a number of bills. The House gave passage to House Bill 115, which makes changes to Georgia’s law that allows for the removal of school board members from systems whose accreditation is in jeopardy.

Jobless Benefits Bill Close To PassageJobless Benefits Bill Close To Passage

A bill that would deny jobless benefits to school workers employed by private firms during holidays is close to becoming law. The state Senate passed the bill and sent it back to the House for approval. By federal law, bus drivers, janitors and others employed by public school systems can’t apply for jobless benefits during summers and holidays.

Lawmakers To Finish 2013 SessionLawmakers To Finish 2013 Session

Georgia lawmakers will wrap up the 2013 session Thursday, but they have several major pieces of legislation to pass before celebrating Sine Die. The Latin term means “without day,” which indicates the legislature will adjourn without scheduling another day to meet this year.

Military Wants To Expand Bomb RangeMilitary Wants To Expand Bomb Range

Military officials are seeking public comments on plans to expand and modernize a Georgia bombing range. The plans involve the Townsend Bombing Range in McIntosh County's northwest corner.

Ga. Senate OKs Youth Concussion BillGa. Senate OKs Youth Concussion Bill

The Georgia Senate has approved a bill that would require young athletes to be pulled from games and medically examined if they suffer a suspected concussion. Senators voted 49-3 Tuesday to pass the bill, which would require those who have suffered a concussion to be cleared by a medical professional before returning to play. It earlier passed the House.



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