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Family Seeks Federal Probe In ShootingFamily Seeks Federal Probe In Shooting

The family of a Macon man killed by police in December is asking federal authorities to get involved, after Bibb County District Attorney David Cooke announced earlier this week that he would file no charges against officer Clayton Sutton.

Ga., SC Lawmakers Will Meet On River IssuesGa., SC Lawmakers Will Meet On River Issues

Georgia and South Carolina lawmakers who represent districts along the Savannah River plan to meet next month to discuss several topics. Among the issues: Securing cooperation from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regarding recreation on lakes in the upper part of the river.

Video Poker Bill Passes With DebateVideo Poker Bill Passes With Debate

A bill that would allow the state to get a better handle on video poker machines moved one step closer to becoming law Thursday. The vote followed a spirited three-hour debate in the state Senate that revealed ambivalence about permitting the machines in Georgia. The bill targets video poker machines found often in gas stations that award non-cash prizes.

Video Poker Bill Up For VoteVideo Poker Bill Up For Vote

The state Senate is expected to vote on a measure Thursday that would allow the state to regulate video poker machines that award non-cash prizes. The bill's backers want to crack down on what they say are the machines' under-the-table payouts. They are concerned that the current unregulated system allows customers to walk away with untaxed winnings.

GA Gun Laws DebatedGA Gun Laws Debated

Georgia lawmakers are debating which changes they want to make to the state's gun laws as the General Assembly's annual session heads toward a close. A committee of House lawmakers debated Wednesday on the merits of differing legislative packages from two gun owners groups. The House's Public Safety Committee did not vote on either piece of legislation.


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