Day 29 – Tuesday, March 5, 2013

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Gun Legislation AmendedGun Legislation Amended

Georgia lawmakers will debate new rules that could allow more mentally ill people to legally carry firearms. Amendments made to the plan Wednesday may blunt some of the impact. The issue has surfaced as House Republicans are pushing for legislation that would permit school districts to arm their employees and generally give people more freedom to carry firearms.

Chatham Tax Fight Comes To A HaltChatham Tax Fight Comes To A Halt

A Chatham County trial over local option sales taxes abruptly ended Wednesday when county and municipal leaders agreed to a deal. The agreement means Savannah area elected officials - and not a judge - will decide how to split $630 million in tax revenue. Cities and counties have to split local option sales taxes every ten years based on several criteria including population.

Lawmakers Hit Day 30Lawmakers Hit Day 30

Thursday is Day 30 of of Georgia’s 40-day legislative session. It's the day when lawmakers separate the wheat from the chaff in legislative terms. It’s also one of the longest days of the session at the Gold Dome.

Day 30 Arrives At Gold DomeDay 30 Arrives At Gold Dome

State lawmakers embark on a marathon session of legislating Thursday. They’ll be marking Day 30 of the legislative session. That’s the day that a bill must have passed one or the other chamber to have a chance at final passage this year. On Day 30 of the 40-day session, lawmakers start work around 10 a.m. and often don’t leave the Capitol until midnight.

City Could Mandate Guns City Could Mandate Guns

A north Georgia city is considering passing an ordinance to make gun ownership mandatory. Leaders of Nelson — a city of just over 1,300 about 50 miles north of downtown Atlanta — say with one police officer on patrol eight hours a day, city residents are left virtually unprotected for 16 hours per day.


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