Day 25 – Wednesday, February 27, 2013

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TSPLOST Generating RevenueTSPLOST Generating Revenue

Nearly $9 million has been collected in taxes from three regions that voted to approve a 10-year, one percent transportation sales tax last year.

Youth Justice Bill Passes HouseYouth Justice Bill Passes House

A bill that child advocates say would revolutionize how Georgia punishes juvenile offenders unanimously passed the state House Thursday. The measure would allow the state to take a more humane approach while also reducing incarceration costs.

DeKalb School Board Lawsuit DismissedDeKalb School Board Lawsuit Dismissed

A state lawsuit by six members of the DeKalb County School Board challenging Governor Nathan Deal's power to suspend them has been dismissed. The six were suspended Monday by the Governor after a recommendation by the State Board of Education.

Some Georgia Detainees ReleasedSome Georgia Detainees Released

Immigration advocates say detainees have been released from the North Georgia detention center, the Irwin County detention center and the Stewart detention center in south Georgia.

Georgia Braces For Federal CutsGeorgia Braces For Federal Cuts

Mandatory spending cuts will hit many federal programs beginning Friday unless President Barack Obama and Congress avoid the so-called sequester. But Georgia officials say the effects here are not immediately clear.


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