Day 24 – Tuesday, February 26, 2013

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DeKalb School Board Lawsuit DismissedDeKalb School Board Lawsuit Dismissed

A state lawsuit by six members of the DeKalb County School Board challenging Governor Nathan Deal's power to suspend them has been dismissed. The six were suspended Monday by the Governor after a recommendation by the State Board of Education.

Some Georgia Detainees ReleasedSome Georgia Detainees Released

Immigration advocates say detainees have been released from the North Georgia detention center, the Irwin County detention center and the Stewart detention center in south Georgia.

Georgia Braces For Federal CutsGeorgia Braces For Federal Cuts

Mandatory spending cuts will hit many federal programs beginning Friday unless President Barack Obama and Congress avoid the so-called sequester. But Georgia officials say the effects here are not immediately clear.

Clayton Interested In Falcons StadiumClayton Interested In Falcons Stadium

Clayton County officials say they have prime land near Atlanta's airport where a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons could be built if the team can't work out a deal for a downtown Atlanta site.

Bill Bans Hybrid EmbryosBill Bans Hybrid Embryos

It would be illegal to create hybrid human-animal embryos under new legislation before Georgia lawmakers. The bill sponsored by Republican Rep. Jay Neal of LaFayette would ban the creation and implantation of hybrid embryos into women. It would also forbid the transplant of human embryos into nonhuman wombs.


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